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The stc Bahrain INOC support, exclusively serving our Wholesale partners, provides exceptional customer experience through advanced incident resolution, technology infrastructure support, and highly skilled engineers. The INOC, based both locally and offshore, is equipped with the latest cutting-edge features providing surveillance and a range of managed services, including services and operation management, change management, proactive management, fault management, and acceptance management. Through this, the stc Bahrain INOC is able to provide: 

  • Efficient measures and fast response times based on global best industry practices with dedicated wholesale customer complaints management 

  • 24x7 round-the-clock global support and network surveillance to manage partner queries and resolutions 

  • Fault management and reporting based on multiple support levels  

  • Effective identification of anomalies and conflict resolution through change management systems  

  • Network trouble ticket management 

  • Full-time SLA monitoring  


In addition to the above, stc Bahrain’s Wholesale INOC Network Surveillance and Technical Team shall also perform the following activities on a regular basis: 

  • Event management including all types of trouble ticket management 

  • First-line fault diagnostics  

  • Corrective actions 

  • Dispatch and direction of field staff/smart hands 

  • Performance & Reporting 

  • Wholesale solution implementation and operations  

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