stc Wholesale Bilateral Interconnection Services


stc Bahrain operates time-division multiplexing (TDM) capacity interconnecting most licensed operators in Bahrain. Through this, it offers direct access to Bahrain’s local network and transit services. Operating within Bahrain’s advanced regulatory infrastructure, stc Bahrain’s Reference Interconnection Offer (RIO) is continually updated to reflect the Telecommunication Regulation Authority’s (TRA) latest regulations for pricing and levels of service.


stc Bahrain offers international interconnection services via both TDM and IP links for bilateral termination into Bahrain, ensuring it meets a diversified portfolio of user needs. This service follows the regulated termination rates published by the TRA. Additionally, stc Bahrain guarantees direct quality termination to all local networks in Bahrain. Building on its growing subscriber base, stc Bahrain is uniquely able to reciprocate the termination volumes to its partners for direct termination on their home networks.

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