stc Bahrain and Core Foundation collaborate to drive Web3 growth and development in the Gulf region

Through the partnership, stc Bahrain will deploy and run nodes on the Core Chain network, and Core will join stc Bahrain’s Pearling Path Program.
  • By stc Wholesale
  • April 04/04/2024
stc x core partnership
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Manama, Bahrain – stc Bahrain, a world-class digital enabler, has announced a partnership with Core Chain, a Bitcoin powered Layer-1 blockchain, as part of its Web3 Launchpad initiative. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in stc Bahrain’s commitment to fostering the growth and development of blockchain technologies across the Gulf region.

stc Bahrain has chosen Core Chain as a key partner within the Pearling Path Partnership Program, a cornerstone of the Web3 Launchpad initiative aimed at accelerating the adoption of Web3 technologies in the Middle East. The Pearling Path Program serves as a catalyst for fostering innovation, collaboration, and the integration of blockchain solutions to address regional challenges and propel economic growth.

Through this partnership, stc Bahrain will deploy and operate nodes on the Core Chain network, bolstering its resilience as a key infrastructure provider in the Gulf. This initiative underscores stc Bahrain's commitment to digital transformation and Core's mission to promote global blockchain adoption.

"By incorporating Core Chain into our Pearling Path initiative, we're not just adopting a blockchain protocol; we're laying the groundwork for scalable innovation for the future. This is a significant step towards building a cohesive Web3 ecosystem in the Gulf," said Mr. Saad Odeh , Chief Wholesale Officer at stc Bahrain.

Core Chain's commitment to privacy, scalability, and its Satoshi Plus consensus mechanism align with stc Bahrain's vision to foster economic growth in the region. By integrating the strengths of Proof of Work (PoW) and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), Core Chain is able to create a blockchain environment that is not only secure and decentralized but also highly scalable to meet the evolving demands of the digital landscape.

“Core is proud to welcome stc Bahrain as a validator and pivotal regional ally, advancing blockchain utility and growth in the Middle East,” said Brendon Sedo, Initial Contributor at Core Chain. “It’s humbling to be part of the Pearling Path Program, and we're looking forward to a fresh wave of innovation in the area through stc Bahrain’s visionary approach to blockchain.


About stc Bahrain

stc Bahrain, a subsidiary of stc Group, is the fastest-growing, most innovative telecommunication operator in Bahrain. Since its inception in 2010, stc Bahrain revolutionized the telecommunications industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain and quickly became a market leader, a position that it kept to this day through investing in next-generation technologies and introducing innovative solutions to the people of Bahrain. In 2018, stc Bahrain disrupted fintech with its stc pay ecosystem of services.

stc Bahrain made many local, regional and global breakthroughs, earning it over 20 awards in just eleven years for being the best, widest and fastest network that connects people with an empowering host of products and services. Its persistent dedication to innovation has positioned it as a driving force in delivering telecommunication, digital and mobile financial services for everyday customers, homes and businesses. Together with a broad spectrum of benefits and customizable offerings that provide utmost control and flexibility in a world of evolving digital needs, stc Bahrain today has not only become the preferred Telecommunications network in Bahrain, but also the most forward-looking fearless disruptor in Telecommunication and Fintech.

About Core

The Core blockchain network is a Bitcoin-powered layer-one blockchain for EVM-Compatible smart contracts. With 50% of Bitcoin mining hash power contributing to Core’s security in exchange for unlocking Bitcoin utility and rewards, Core is the most Bitcoin-aligned EVM blockchain (BTCfi, Bitcoin staking, and more). This breakthrough has amassed a massive community of 2.2M Twitter followers and 250k Discord members which has translated into millions of Core adopters, over 15M unique addresses, and 230M transactions since its mainnet launch in January 2023.


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